Subsurface Drip Irrigation

We can help you save water, yield larger crops, and reduce overall labor costs.



Founded in 1985, Western Irrigation began installing residential and commercial lawn systems, in addition to laying water, gas, and electrical lines for agricultural customers.

As our business grew, we discovered an even better process to water your crops, called Subsurface Drip Irrigation. Subsurface Drip Irrigation is not only more environmentally friendly than other irrigation methods, it saves water, yields larger crops, and reduces overall labor costs.

We sow seeds of innovation and skill, but it’s you who reaps the rewards.


Subsurface Drip Irrigation, or SDI, is a highly efficient and precise system which routes water and nutrients directly to a plant’s root zone. The system distributes these materials at frequency that is ideal for plant growth, resulting in increased yield potential and decreased nutrient losses.


Water Savings! Generally water savings amounts can be as high as 50% less water usage with SDI versus flood/gravity irrigation and 30% less water usage with SDI versus center pivot irrigation, and in most cases these savings are more!

Highly efficient and precise watering system that improves managing the delivery of water and nutrients to the root zone for optimal plant growth.

Dry soil surface decreases evaporation and deep percolation helping to reduce plant disease, minimizing weed growth, and eliminating water on foliage.

Decreased groundwater contamination that can be caused by poor uniformity and over irrigation leaching vital nutrients out of the soil.

Saving time and reducing energy costs by reducing water usage, energy usage, and chemicals. Less labor and maintenance mean a reduction in operating costs.

Effective crop management tool that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots at the precise time and amount needed thereby increasing crop yields.

Maximize irrigated acres! Systems are specifically designed for the size, shape, and contours of the field. Allowing corner to corner irrigation in small, odd shaped, and large fields.

Maintain the health and safety of your livestock with the proper feed yard water line distribution. We’ll install water lines throughout your lot to deliver clean water to your animals.


Western Irrigation selects the highest quality dripline for each project–based upon spacing, slope and size of the field being irrigated.  Emitter based thinwall dripline is produced with the highest quality resins and has seamless construction to deliver the best results.  We select emitters with low Cv values for excellent uniformity throughout the field.  These emitters have large turbulent flow paths to resist clogging and remain consistent over a long period of time.


When fields are hilly and with long runs, Western Irrigation selects the proper Pressure Compensating thinwall dripline for the project.  With excellent filtration and an internal pressure compensating diaphragm, PC dripline is ideal for more complex terrain and provide the reliability that is required.


Subsurface Drip Irrigation systems have a life expectancy of 30+ years with the proper maintenance. Each system is custom designed for usage needs and field size and layout. Ensuring that the system is operating at the required pressures and flows will help to maximize the life of the system as well as help it to perform at its best.


Monitoring filtration performance is also a necessary part of subsurface drip irrigation. Filtration requirements will vary with dripper specifications, water quality, as well as other factors. Water quality tests are performed as part of the design and our team will recommend the type of filtration system that best meets the needs of the customer. Our team will explain the maintenance requirements for the installed filtration systems.

Drip tape for subsurface drip systems is normally installed between 12” and 18” below the surface of the field. Another key component in system maintenance is chemical treatment. Acid injection can reduce the build-up of contaminants inside the drip tape. Chlorine injection helps to restrict the growth of both biological and organic contaminants such as algae, slime, and bacteria. Please contact us for help with your chemical treatment needs; we have trained technicians who can perform these services.